• Question: What is the best thing that you have ever done?

    Asked by Izzybusy to Maggie, Ry on 17 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Maggie Lieu

      Maggie Lieu answered on 17 Nov 2017:

      The best thing I have done is to test a new space suit with astronaut Andreas Morgensen

    • Photo: Ry Cutter

      Ry Cutter answered on 18 Nov 2017:

      I think so far, getting to study the Northern lights in Svalbard!
      I had to do special arctic survival course. This is so I could survive living in such a cold place! It also taught me how to deal with polar bears if I ever saw one 🙂
      I did get to see polar bear, but it was really far away. It ended up getting too close to the town, so they tranquillised it and flew it back to a safe place away from the town.
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