Thank you from your winner – Ryan!

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It’s been a fantastic two weeks! I’m definitely a much better touch typist than I was before. I’m so happy to have been part of this wonderful experience. Words can’t express how delighted I am to have won I’m a Scientist: it feels like a journey. Thanks to some brilliant questions, I got to learn a lot about gravity that I didn’t know – like using a yoyo in space.

Getting to meet Scott, Maggie, Daniel, and Hannah was a blast. I sincerely hope we can meet up in the future and talk about our work. Thanks to all the scientists that participated, we were amazing! Massive thanks to all the teachers that set up the class chats. Without your help and engagement this wouldn’t be possible. Best for last, a round of applause for our fantastic moderators. Their hardwork in the background, making sure things run smoothly, are the whole reason these events can even take place.

It was real pleasure getting to talk to all the students. I’m sure all the other scientists would agree; their questions were fantastic and it’s awesome seeing how interested and engaged they all were. After meeting you all, I’m sure science in the future is going to be to amazing! Your enthusiasm and curiosity is inspiring, and it means a lot knowing there is interest in the work we are doing.

I guess things will be settling down now that I’m a Scientist is over. I’m going to miss talking to the students. I imagine my office partners won’t miss the frantic typing! I won’t be returning to my normal work though, I am heading straight off to the Canary Islands on the La Palma mountain! I’ll be using the new telescope to look at the stars. Hopefully, to find more cosmic explosions!

I’ll be out there for a month and then I have to see my family for Christmas. It might be a few months before I can get my project started, but I’ll be sure to let the team at I’m a Scientist know when the ball is rolling.

Being able to communicate science is always a privilege and this experience has taught me so much. I hope we were able to inspire you as much as you inspire us!

Ryan signing out,
Bye for now!

A picture of Andromeda galaxy from our new telescope as a thanks for all the support!

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